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Re: Tool to find out info about machine ?

On Tuesday 30 April 09:29, Shawn McMahon wrote:
> begin  Robert_L quotation:
> > In addition to the other info given, for the location you can try:
> > http://www.xpenguin.com/ip-atlas.php
> > I got bored one day and set it up on my machine.  You can try it out here
> > if you want: http://www.phebe.linux-site.net/plot/plot.php
> http://www.phebe.linux-site.net/plot/plot.php?address=oa.eiv.com#map
> Says "oa.eiv.com" is located in Herndon, Virginia.  It's in Florida.

Hmm.  Well, it got the country right !
It uses NetGeo; There's a page here describing it:
Also this from the ip-atlas FAQ:
Why is this sometimes inaccurate?

The first thing is that I'm not responsible for the lat/lon data. NetGeo is. 
Second, when it is plotting you, NetGeo just gets the location of your ISP. 
Accuracy should be high if you are using 56k or very low if you live in a 
large country such as the US or if you use high-speed internet access such as 
DSL or Cable. The lat/lon coordinates of large websites or universities 
should be more accurate.

> Thanks for the resource, though; it's great for underscoring my points
> about this stuff being guesses.  :-)

Thanks for disillusioning me :)

all the best,

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