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Re: dynamically generated files

At 23:02 Uhr -0400 28.04.2002, Scott Henson wrote:
I need something that dynamically generates files on the file system.
Much like cgi.  I need it to just happen when a program accesses the
file.  It will only be reading said file not executing it.  Anyone have
any ideas on how to do this on a woody system with ext3 fs?  Thanks

If you don't know in advance which files will be read, you probably need something like a virtual filesystem. There are several virtual filesystem solutions out there, some using CODA or NFS, some using shared library preloading (LD_PRELOAD environment var). We have modified the 'AVFS'-preload version from Frederik Eaton (http://a5.68k.org/~frederik/avfs/) to work with perl and are generating and also saving files on the fly this way (code not yet released, project page on http://www.ethlife.ethz.ch/newcms). If all you want is *read* files and don't worry about performance, standard AVFS[-preload] already offers what you need (our modifications are targeted for more performance and write access, but also only optimal for file servers, not for the shell).


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