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Re: Tool to find out info about machine ?

begin  Kapil Khosla quotation:
> I am interested in knowing the hostname, possibly location (server),of a remote machine whose IP address is known to me,

For hostname information, try "host".  This will only work if they have
reverse DNS set up for that IP address, and set up "correctly".

For location, you are largely screwed because this information isn't
stored in any standardly-accessible way, but you might be able to make
some inferences using "traceroute".  Those inferences can easily be
wrong, however.

The surest way to get what you want is to ask the administrator of the
box, because there's nothing that says he has to set up reverse DNS to
match his hostname, and he may not be in control of the reverse DNS at

For information on how to use those commands:

man host
man traceroute

If you don't have either of those programs, I recommend the following


There is also a "host" package, but it has a serious feature ommission
that the maintainer sees as a "wishlist" item.  bind9-host doesn't have
this particular issue.

Note that there are many other programs that will do similar or
identical things to these.  As usual, there's more than one way to do
it, and someone will most certainly think my way is wrong.  These
programs are a good start for you.

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