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Re: pppd mulfunction ???

On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 01:29:12AM +0200, Debian User wrote (amongst
other things):
> Please help.

When sending to this list, that's somewhat implicit :-)

Unfortunately I cannot answer all your questions; hopefully somebody
else can help on those. [unanswered questions omitted]

> First I should mention that I'm using 2.2.19 version of kernel. Use pon
> command to dial out. 
> I have problems with pppd daemon configured in /etc/ppp/options as follows
> asyncmap 0
> crtscts
> lock
> modem
> netmask
> noipdefault
> -vj
> lcp-echo-interval 30	<----  1) disabled still produce 10 second EchoReq
> 			it is actualy received not sent.
> lcp-echo-failure 4	       2) But following excerpt from log file shows
> 			that bouth 10 sec and 30 sec intervals are active

PPP is a symmetric protocol. You only control your end; so you only send
"echo" requests every 30 seconds. How often your provider sends echo
requests *to you* is up to them.

> [ pppd debug output snipped. Basically shows the link-level Echo
> requests and replies ]
> Possible cause here is that I'm using Lynx which caches pages so that 
> moving through them backwards actualy doesn't download new packets.
> According to manual page conection inactive is considered as no
> presence of data packets ie. IP packets. 
> But why program count time from begining of conection and not last packet
> received? To me idle 3600 means line was idle 1 hour, which it was not if
> packets are sent and received. 
> Loking on time data in above log echo is active at 47 57 07 17 27 37 ie. 10sec
> interval.

No. That's active at the *link level* (basically checking that the line
is still up). This has nothing to do with TCP/IP activity.

> Then there is another thread setup from config  lcp-echo-interval 30
> above 10 and 40. Instead of reducing nonsense in my log it has increased.
> Is there a way to dissable this reporting apart from modifying and 
> recompiling sources?

Off course, you're free to hack ppp :-) (I presume that you will read
/usr/share/doc/ppp/copyright first).

But if you don't respond to your ISP's link-level echo requests, they
will think you have hung up on them, and disconnect the call ... 

> As the only user I dont bother to setup user specific configuration ie. in 
> user home directory but set up as root global ones to suit me as user. So
> there is no possibility that /etc/ppp/options are somewhere overrided.
> Still, I have checked and found none.  

pon is essentially a wrapper for "pppd call $1". If you want to see how
pppd interprets all the options, etc, try:
    # pppd dryrun call <insert-provider-here>

Karl E. Jørgensen
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