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OT: Re: Home brew

> Quoting - <radsky@ncia.net>:
> > I'd appreciate some advice on home-building a computer that will have >
> > Linux and (cough) WindowsXP installed with an emphasis on Debian .
> > Suggestions are welcome--general or specific.

1. Become one with www.pricewatch.com
2. Beware of inflated shipping prices 
3. read up on electrostatic discharge; don't build your system while wearing 
synthetic soled shoes and dragging your feet on carpet
4. call web vendor to see if anybody is home; weed out the co.s with bad 

I've built 8 barebones x86 arch. Linux routers.  Prices are starting to rise. 
 I think video cards give folks the most trouble.  Research parts, make a 
choice, then ask specific questions like: have you used mobo A with video 
card B with debian?


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