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Re: Memory strange behaviour

begin  Willy Sutrisno quotation:
> > What version of RedHat?  With what kernel?
> I was using RedHat 7.2, the kernel should be 2.4.10

RedHat hasn't shipped a 2.4.10 kernel for 7.2.  As of last Friday the
latest they'd shipped was a 2.4.9 with a ton of backports by Alan Cox,
including VM fixes.

If you put a 2.4.10 kernel on there yourself, that may be PART of the
problem; there have been numerous VM fixes since that kernel, and most
(I don't know the exact percentage) have been backported into their
2.4.9-31 kernel.

However, the real answer is likely more due to the large amount of crap
RedHat installs that Debian doesn't (by default).  Without stats on your
memory usage, it really isn't going to be possible to give you a
complete answer on why.

But we have a saying here in the US; "don't look a gift horse in the
mouth".  If your system is doing less thrashing, hoist a beer to the
Linux kernel folks and the Debian folks, and enjoy.

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