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Re: Hard Discs and Virtual Memory ...

On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 10:12:11AM -0700, Soul Computer wrote:
> I remember that Linux can use a partition for virtual memory.  Well
> ... I want to upgrade my computer by adding an 80GB HDD and making it
> the boot disc.  The second (original HDD will then be delegated to
> some other use.  It is 1.2GB.  I was wondering if Linux could co-opt
> this second HDD en lieu of the Virtual Memory Partition, and, if so,
> how would I tell it to do so?

Wrap 72char/line pls.

I think use fdisk to partition as swap partition.  Use swapon to enable
it.  Also edit/etc/fstab to automatically enable swap upon reboot.

I alwas limit swap partition less than 128MB/partition by habit but I
heard newer kernel can handle larger swap.

See manual pages:
       swapon(2),   swapoff(2),   fstab(5),  init(8),  mkswap(8),
       rc(8), mount(8)

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