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OT: MP3 streams sought

hi folks,

i *know* that this is a debian list and i *know* that this is so way
off topic that y'all will want to scream at me, but i am reaching
a large audience this way and maybe others can profit. so forgive

i am sure many of you know http://www.digitallyimported.com, which
broadcasts quality european progressive trance and house, as well as
psychedelic trance at 128kbps. i love this music not because i am
a drug addict (uh, i'm not), but because it keeps me going at night
while coding (and i love to dance to it, with glowsticks preferably).

anway, i've been listening to that channel all day today, and it isn't
the first time to acknowledge this genre being called trance - it does
put me in a different state of mind just by listening to it. so while
i actually own an extensive collection of music, i am also suffering
from not being able to decide what i want to listen to, because i like

so what i am really looking for is some MP3 broadcast station out
there which plays psychedelic and progressive rock from the sixties
and early seventies, maybe even a little new age. bowie, floyd, yes,
can, tangerine dream, beatles, neu!, faust, basically the entire
"kraut rock" genre plus what happened in and around london the 1.5
decades following 1960. does anyone of you know such a stream, playing
at 128kbps minimum?

also, does anyone know a stream that plays ambient and lounge music at
high quality?

and while we're at it... i would love to set up a live stream here at
home, broadcasting to the world when i feel like jockeying disks (i
think i have a lot to share). but i only have 16kbps upstream, which
is just enough to make one listener at 128kbps happy, right? or am
i misunderstanding the principle? as long as multicast isn't used, any
stream server takes up no_of_listeners*avg_bandwidth bandwidth on it's
upstream channel, right? or is there a way to load this off to my
provider (similar to sending SMTP mail with many recipients to my
provider's SMTP relay rather than sending the messages straight from
my host?)

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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"know what I hate most?  rhetorical questions."
                                                      -- henry n. camp

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