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Re: fetchmail daemon dies, won't restart

begin  Brian Nelson quotation:
> ...as it shouldn't.  It should say "fetchmail already running" and not
> do anything else if fetchmail is running.  If he wanted it to restart
> every time, he should change the "start" to "restart" (but it that
> case it wouldn't make sense to run fetchmail as a daemon).

I was making the comment on what it was doing, not what I thought it
should do.  Any init.d scripts I write behave exactly as you describe.

However, having a "restart" option does make sense to run fetchmail as a
daemon.  In fact, a restart option doesn't make sense UNLESS you're
running as a daemon; otherwise, you'd just use start.

He wants his daemon periodically killed and restarted, unless I
misunderstood the email.  A restart option is exactly the right thing to

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