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Re: simple dpkg & compile from source question

* justin cunningham (jcunningham@engine8.com) [020426 15:13]:
> Hi, I have to compile a program from source since the install script for
> the deb package is installing in the wrong directory.  no biggie BUT
> I've always used deb packages and haven't mix n matched before.  Will I
> have a problem with dpkg at some latter point?  Please advise if
> applicable.  Thanks, jusitn

This is not an uncommon situation. Just install the application under
/usr/local and you shouldn't run into any problems. I wonder what you
mean when you say the deb installs into the wrong directory, though --
maybe a bug report is in order? What package is it? What files end up in
the wrong place? Where do you expect to see them and why do you think
the place they are in is wrong?

good times,

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