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nis: a problem with yppasswd and a question about ypcat shadow

Package: nis
Version: 3.9-6
Severity: normal

The client seems to observe that yppasswd is running, but fails to get 
it when it have to. Or do I misunderstand the following output:

$ ypwhich
$ rpcinfo -u sitvanitGateway yppasswd
program 100009 version 1 ready and waiting
$ rpcinfo -p sitvanitGateway | grep -A2 yppasswdd
    100009    1   udp    600  yppasswdd
 600100069    1   udp    603
 600100069    1   tcp    605
$ yppasswd 
yppasswd: yppasswdd not running on NIS master host

Are those 600100069 numbers related to nis? Why are they much different 
from the other services numbers?

Does the following response to ypcat shadow expected?

$ ypcat shadow
No such map shadow. Reason: No such map in server's domain

Is this message is another way of saying `permission denied'?
I believe that a map shadow is there. Should I add a 
    shadow          shadow.byname
line to /var/yp/nicknames? 

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux rakefet 2.2.20-custom.5 #1 Sun Feb 24 00:29:32 IST 2002 

Versions of packages nis depends on:
ii  debconf                       1.0.32     Debian configuration 
management sy
ii  libc6                         2.2.5-4    GNU C Library: Shared 
libraries an
ii  libgdbmg1                     1.7.3-27   GNU dbm database routines 
ii  make                          3.79.1-13  The GNU version of the 
"make" util
ii  netbase                       4.07       Basic TCP/IP networking 
ii  portmap                       5-2        The RPC portmapper


    Shaul Karl
    email: shaulka(replace with the at - @ - character)bezeqint.net 

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