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Re: Handling lots of mail

On Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 01:38:29PM -0700, Ross Boylan wrote:
| On Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 01:07:31PM -0700, Karsten M. Self wrote:
| > on Thu, Apr 25, 2002, Ross Boylan (RossBoylan@stanfordalumni.org) wrote:
| > > I am currently using mutt, but many of my folders are getting very
| > > big, and I'm getting annoyed by the length of time it takes to switch
| > > between them.
| > 
| > What mailbox format are you using?  Default is 'mbox'.  Alternatives
| mbox.  Will the alternatives get me anything (except lower
| compatibility)?

Read the archives for recent maildir vs. mbox discussions.  Someone
even posted a URL that gave a nice list of the tradeoffs.

| > How big are your mailboxes?  I find my wait threshold starts to get
| > tripped at ~500-1000 items, which most of my mailboxes hit quickly ;-)
| My primary inbox is around 2,700.  Debian-user is at 27,000.
| > > Other than cleaning up, are there other approaches that people can
| > > suggest for handling this?  I think I want my mail kept in a database.
| > 
| > I think not.
| > 
| > > I see gmail does this, but development on it has stopped, with the
| > > author mentioning evolution as a good alternative.  
| > > 
| > > I also note that kmail is popular, but as far as I can tell it would
| > > suffer the same speed problems as mutt.
| > 
| > Depends.  If it indexes its mailboxes (and many GUI mail clients do),
| > probably not.
| With mutt it seems it also rewrites the box  (folder) when you leave
| the folder, and this chews up some time too.  Maybe it's optimized not
| to do this unless you resort or get new mail, but it seems to me it
| does it pretty often.

That is because of how mbox works.  The entire "folder" must be
rewritten for any change you make to it.  mbox also continually has
corruption issues with programs not locking it correctly.  

I prefer to use maildir myself.  You can also set up your delivery
agent to make a separate folder for each month.  That will keep the
size of each folder down.



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