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Re: Soft Raid5 Problems

Hi Alvin!
> if you do have your raid intact... and just a dead disk
> than you can take that disk out and add a new one
> 	-- if you were manually able to recreate /dev/md0
> 		-- backup all your data now to some other disks
> 		-- on your lan
> 	-- than continue fixing your raid box
> 	raidhotremove /dev/md0 /dev/hdc1
> 	-- power down your system ...
> 	-- swap out the bad disks ( /dev/hdc )
> 	-- put the new replacement disk in
> 	-- power up as normal...
> 	-- note that it will be running in degraded mode...
> 	-- keep an eye on /proc/mdstat for "resync status"
> 	when its done with its housekeeping... i'd add
> 	the replacement disks ...
> 	raidhotadd /dev/md0 /dev/sdc1
> 	- watch it resync again...
> 	and i'd power down and back up one ore time for good measure
Thank you very much, very detailed help, only one question remaining: 
as i am able to format "dead" disk under the running os -> is there a
way try to sync manually ? or how can i check the dead disk, if it is
really dead ? 
As i don't want to buy new disks as long as i am not quite sure if it is
defekt ?

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