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Spamassassin tests help please

Hi all,

I have given up on using my .forward as a spam filter because I've now
gone up to over 40 spam pieces a day and its a pain to keep adding
conditions on each .forward on each account.

Just to make clear, my particular desire to stop stuff from Korean and
Taiwan is that I speak neither Korean nor Chinese.  

I wonder if anyone can help with these tests:

1. I am on numerous Korean spam lists.  So I want to exclude all email
with Korean charsets.  How do I set $h_Content-Type: contains
"ks_c_5601-1987" to score 20?

2. I get a lot of stuff from Taiwan.  Is it poossible to simply
blacklist all mail relayed from ISPs with .tw tld?

3. How can I blacklist specific names?  For example, esavingszone send
me two messages every day and I want them automatically blocked.  But
they use differing domain nemaes so I want to block
esavingszone@foo.net. esavingszone@bar.net and every other

4. The ISP that uses hanmail.net and daum.net is the single worst
offender.  Can I block all mail relayed theough these domains?

Thanks in advance,


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