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Re: Scwawcaac: I need a little more on apps available for Linux

On Wednesday 24 April 2002 03:07 pm, Alan Shutko wrote:
> Soul Computer <scwawcaac@earthlink.net> writes:
> > This raises an interesting question for WP8.  Did they ever release
> > the source for it so it could be repaired?
> Of course not.  Actually, I'm not even sure Corel _has_ the
> source... development on the Unix WPs prior to WPO2k was handled by
> SDCorp.

i wrote to corel back in january asking about the fate of wordperfect, and if 
they had any interest in releasing source for wp51--for which there really is 
no commercial market, anymore--into the community. all i got back was a 
generic response stating that wp8 and office 2000 were discontinued "with 
chances of renewal studied based on market demand." whether that meant, was, 
is being, or will be studied is apparently anybody's guess. no mention of 
source was made in any part of the reply. 

corel strikes me as a pretty schizophrenic organization, given their 
on-again, off-again relationship to linux; which is a shame, since wp8 was 
way less of a memory hog than staroffice and far more flexible than abiword.


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