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Re: Update shouldn't nuke XF86Config-4

    "Michael" == Michael D Crawford <crawford@goingware.com> writes:

    Michael> That's why, when you update the xserver-xfree86, you
    Michael> shouldn't overwrite the settings the user has laboured to
    Michael> create.  They are precious.

Hi Michael,

If you set up xserver-xfree86 using debconf (the dialog thing you get
when you install it), then you should not edit it by hand. If you do
edit it by hand, follow the instructions in the file that warn about
debconf replacing things if you don't put them in the right place!

I'm assuming you made a common mistake. While I agree that it would be
nice to make this bullet proof, I also know that it's often nearly
impossible to protect us from ourselves ;-)

About your other mail in this thread: no, gpm *never* writes to
XF86Config-4. You probably edited the debconf section of the file by
hand and lost your changes, just like the comments in the file warned
you about. What was it about /dev/gpmdata that did not work for you?


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