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Local mail delivery gone


I have a working stand-alone Debian Unstable system with a DSL
internet connection.  It happily receives email from my ISP's POP
server using getmail.  I have no problem sending mail with postfix,
configured for a smarthost.  What doesn't work, and hasn't for a while
is local mail delivery.

Mail I send to myself, or that gets automatically sent by installation
scripts, goes into the "bit bucket".  Nothing ever gets appended to
/var/spool/mail/<user>.  Note that I have getmail dumping emails right
into my user directory hierarchy.  So it doesn't touch

I have studied the postix FAQ.  I assume postfix can be configured for
both local and smarthost delivery, or am I mistaken?

I'd appreciate any hints.



                  \_O<  \_O<  \_O<
 Steve Cooper          Redmond, WA

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