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Re: MCA/PCI failure

apparently--having sucked this off the list--this is what you need to do:

(this is someone else's solution. hopefully, it works for you.)

Found the problem and fixed it - I needed to set CONFIG_FILTER to 1 (enable 
socket filter support) during kernel configuration and recompile the kernel 
- it is required for the dhclient to work.

if not, then poll the list for a while or search the archives. your problem 
sounds familiar but i don't use that card myself. apparently, you need to 
compile your own kernel to accommodate your particular architecture. if you 
haven''t done it before, don't be daunted by the sound of it. it is really 
not hard, at all. 

if you have no clue about what i'm saying, here, get back to us. if you know 
what i'm talking about, go for the most recent kernel you're machine will 
run, and, if necessary, manually edit the config file to enable socket filter 
support in the manner described above.


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