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Re: my isp is being told *i* am broadcasting spam?

On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 10:16:50PM -0700, David Smead wrote:
| Noah,
| The more programs running on a computer, the less secure it is.  A
| firewall can run a mimimal system - see the LEAF project with deep Debian
| roots.  If you run a firewall running out of RAM then not only will it be
| minimal, but no trojans can live beyond a reboot.

Ok, that's cool.  Now run IE on Windows on a client behind your
firewall.  Surf to a site running IIS and Nimbda.  You've got Nimda.
Lotta goog the firewall did there.

| I'll let you tell me how a browser session of an internal user is hijacked
| and then we'll discuss the missing rule in the firewall.

The missing rule is that you let out requests destined for TCP port
80.  (or 8080 or wherever that IIS server happens to be listening)
Or, maybe the problem is the (insecure) IE client.



"640K ought to be enough for anybody" -Bill Gates, 1981

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