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Re: Emacs' main menu font

On 04/17 14:47 Glyn Millington wrote:
> Probably best in ~/.Xdefaults
> eg

That is 12-point font, right...?

BTW, I have some more questions...
- Would it be possible to set the editor's font (ie: the editing area)
without altering the mini-buffer's? I'd like to try some multi-byte fonts,
but I want to have the minibuffer uses the default font (as what it is
- I'd like to have some of the keboard keys generate two or more
characters; say, if I pressed "a", then Emacs would get it as "a[". Or
better yet, to generate some (a pair of?) hex values of the multi-byte
characters. I've been reading the manual of Emacs in www.gnu.org, but to
no avail. I have tried to set the keyboard-translate, but it seems that
the translation is one-to-one.

Thanks in advance,

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