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Re: Why was Galeon droped from STABLE?

Hall Stevenson <hallstevenson@mindspring.com> writes:

> * dman (dman@dman.ddts.net) [020416 20:10]:
> > 
> > Indeed, having now done an upgrade myself (I use apt-get, not dselect)
> > I see that the latest mozilla that is in testing is what would
> > force my (old) galeon package out. I haven't tried, but I would
> > hope that picking up a new galeon from unstable would correct these
> > dependencies. For myself, I'm leaving the mozilla stuff on hold until
> > some other time.
> I seem to recall in the past having trouble with galeon keeping up with
> mozilla, although I used to try mozilla-cvs and that may have been my
> problem... Don't recall the details right now.

It's been far better since Erich Schubert became "backup maintainer".
The last 19 of 20 updates to galeon have been his.  The original
maintainer hasn't made an update since November 30, according to the

Brian Nelson <nelson@bignachos.com>

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