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Re: Help installing packages (newbie but refusing to give up)

On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 15:03, GQ Kokidko wrote:
> the Packages and Packages.gz files were downloaded w/ the directories of all 
> the packages and placed on my win partition w/ the other packages (wow, that 
> was a tongue twister).  Just to be safe I gave it a try anyway by deleting 
> Packages and Packages.gz and running "dpkg-scanpackages" which returned 
> "command not found".  I then tried "dpkg -scanpackages" returning "unknown 
> option -c" then "dpkg --scanpackages" wich failed as well.  Any other 
> suggestions?  Thanks for the help

dpkg-scanpackages is part of dpkg-dev
find the package and install it with dpkg and you should be able to do

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