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Re: How do I get off the list??

On Tuesday 16 April 2002 03:22 pm, Jason Healy wrote:
> At 1018974885s since epoch (04/16/02 11:34:45 -0400 UTC), Wayne Topa wrote:
> > I continue to see people having this problem.  Why?
> > This is 'not' Rocket Science.
> I've been using linux and mailing lists for 8 years now, so I consider
> myself in the 'able-to-handle-things-that-are-not-rocket-science'
> category.
> However, just last week, I tried several times to subscribe to this
> listserver (I had unsubscribed to change addresses).  After 3
> attempts, still no luck (my subscription confirmations would never be
> answered).  I finally had to write to listmaster to get myself added
> manually (which worked -- I'm back on the list now).
> So I do think that something is up with the list; it's not just people
> who can't follow directions.

ditto. see my previous post.


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