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Re: The latest round of antivirus bouncebacks

> Thu, 11 Apr 2002 05:24:19 -0700
> "Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com> :
>> on Thu, Apr 11, 2002, Patrick Kirk (patrick@kirks.net) wrote:
>> 1.  What problem do we have that needs to be addressed?
>> 2.  How do we address these problems in a way that /encourages/ people
>>     to come here for help if they need it?
>> 3.  How can we make sure that the list "regulars" are not subjected to
>>    email they would prefer not to see?

>> Ben's first rule "No spam" - I don't know if we get spam from
>> subscribers.  But a sensible thing to ask for.

> Goes to common sense.  I suspect the population of spam reporters on d-u
> is likely higher than elsewhere on the net.

>> Ben's second rule "No html" - why?  Are there still email clients that
>> can't render html?  

>  - In most cases, it's bloat.
>  - In many cases, it's filtered out.  I generally delete such mail,
    though I'll sometimes send a response that plain text is preferred.
>  - It gives rise to both abuse and security issues.  HTML begets
    Javascript and web bugs, beget Flash....  KISS my ASCII.
>  - It frequently munges replies.  Nested, attributed, quotes, with a
    clear demarkation of who said what, is a hallmark of a smoothly
    functioning mailing list.  Where it doesn't munge replies, it borks

See also


-- which is useful in explaining matters to innocent offenders.
It tells how HTML/MIME clash with mailing lists, & then lists more
than 2 dozen mailers each with a recipe for turning MIME/HTML off.

Wendell Cochran
West Seattle

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