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X-4.1: Matrox G200, cursor problem

I recently upgraded potato -> woody which went relatively
well, except for X. Compatibility with 3.3.6 is nice, but
change to xserver-xfree86 is painful.

The problem I have is that the cursor is blurred - it is
about 10 times the size of the normal one. When moved,
horizontal lines, 1 pixel wide, start appearing on the screen.

XFree86.0.log doesn't show any errors, except:

(EE) MGA: Failed to load module "mga_hal" (module does not exist, 0)

I'm running latest woody, kernel 2.4.18, xserver-xfree86 4.1.0-14.
I managed to include DRI support for Matrox G200, but I see
in the kernel.log:

[drm] AGP 0.99 on Intel 440BX @ 0xe0000000 64MB
[drm] Initialized mga 3.0.2 20010321 on minor 0
mtrr: base(0xe8000000) is not aligned on a size(0xe00000) boundary

Might this be the problem?
If anybody has managed to get it running, could you mail me
the XF86Config-4 file, please.
Any suggestion appreciated, please CC to me.

-Igor Mozetic

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