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Re: make install nvidia drivers

you might need to compile a kernel with agp support, try running the following:

modprobe -v NVdriver

which should tell you what smybols running, but the output can be a bit

I've got the Nvidia drivers (version 2880) working fine with a geforce GO
using the source tar.gz's from nvidia.com.

I am using kernel (2.4.7), with /usr/src/linux sym-linked to /usr/src/linux-2.4.7

Ben Farrell

p.s. I be very intrested to know where you got debian nvidia's deb's from ..

Leonardo Canducci wrote:

I can't compile nvidia drivers. I tried almost everything.
1. tried to use debian nvidia debs, but they seem to need an entire new
kernel compile to work (I'm not skillfull enough)
2. so I downloaded and extracted nvidia drivers from nvidia.com and
followed README instructions

the problem is GLX did compile but kernel didn't. I get this error:

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