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Re: Is Mozilla mail brian dead? SOLVED

Patrick Kirk wrote:
> >
> > Unless you told Mozilla in the first "get messages" to
> > save the password you gave, you will be asked to give
> > it each time you want to access the mailbox.
> >
> > --
> It doesn't ask for a password when I click get messages.  I think its
> best just assume that Moz can't cope with IMAP on localhost and stick
> with Evolution.

  it definitely works, I have just tried it, I too have imap on
localhost (cyrus), I use the following settings:

 in Edit|Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings... I have an account
(created using Add Account.... button) that has following Settings under
Server settings section:

  Server Type: IMAP Mail Server (this one is set during account cretion,
it is not possible to change it later)

  Server Name: localhost
  User Name: whatever is your username
  Port: 993 (was set automatically when I checked the Use Secure
connection (SSL))

  Use secure connection checked (uncheck if you don't use SSL)
  Check for new mail at startup checked
  Check for new messages every 10 minutes checked
  ... etc.

  IMAP on localhost is handled just like any other IMAP server, as long
as the server that you specify in Server name is found it tries to
connect to it, it can be, your IP, the name of your machine
etc... (and it's the same for any other host name or IP number, there's
no difference in how localhost is treated).

  IIRC the mail client asked for password and now remembers it (because
I checked the box when it asked before), if the password were to change
it would say authentification error and ask for password again.


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