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xscreensaver weirdness with gnome on unstable


I'm running unstable, and after upgrading (yesterday I think) I've noticed
some problems with xscreensaver and gnome.  Here's what I saw:

1) The first time I started up my gnome session after the upgrade, it
took much longer (initially) to get going.  

2) I could no longer access the screensaver through the configurator, 

3) xscreensaver wasn't even running.

Here's a snippet from the output of startx which I think might be

esd: Esound sound daemon already running or stale UNIX socket
This socket already exists indicating esd is already running.
xscreensaver-demo: not compiled with --crapplet support
usage: xscreensaver-demo [ -display dpy-string ] [ -prefs ]

Is "--crapplet" really the correct name for the option? :-)
Anyway, both of the following manually issued commands return the same
error as above:

xscreensaver-demo --capplet 
xscreensaver-demo --crapplet 

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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