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Auto-X problem

Good day; 

I just installed Stable-Potato, and then installed packages including
XFree86, and the C++ -written minimalist Window manager (sorry, I forgot 
the name.  It advertises a *nonwindoze* look and feel, and has a bar
across the bottom.  

Somehow, XDM also got installed.  Which lends two problems.

(1) I need to change the monitor specs.  It won't let me do that,
because I am already in X, even as root.  I tried renaming
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XDM as XEM, then restarting (it got me out for the
time being), and then redoing the setup....  but when I came back I
found that the 1024x768 SVGA I had installed didn't operate, and now all
I had was VGA.  I had read the SVGA characteristics straight off my
Win98 system, so I'm pretty sure they are right.

(2) I don't want X to be automatic.  I *like* text.  How do I
deconfigure XDM?  I can see that it is running; I tried going to
/etc/inittab and looking for the code that starts up X, but I didn't
find any such code there.  

I'm pretty much a newbie -- this is only my 4th or 5th time installing
Linux, and I've never before had it for very long, and each time I
forget most of the specifics, though not the generalities.  So you'll
have to be pretty specific in your answer.

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