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Re: Problems with Debian 3.0 and UT

On Sat, Apr 06, 2002 at 11:55:06AM +0100, benfarrell@zoom.co.uk wrote:
> Dear all,
> This is most likely not the best place for this, but I've
> spent a rather large amount of time looking around the web
> for a solution.
> I currently running Debian 3.0 (testing), however I've
> install unreal tounnament (the GOTY version). When I run UT
> it seg faults, without writting a log file. (so its seg
> faulting pretty early on).
> My question is, is there any debian users that have got the
> GOTY version of UT to work on Debian Woody ?

I have UT GOTY running fine with unstable.
I don't remember if I had trouble at first or not. 
Sorry I don't have any suggestions. I can work though. 

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