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Re: hardware recommendations for a linux-based PVR

On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 10:22:26PM -0500, Kurt Lieber wrote:

> I'm looking to build a near-silent, linux-based PVR. (TiVo-like device)
> Because of my desire for silence, I'd like to use a low power CPU, such as a 
> VIA C3 or even a Transmeta Crusoe that will allow me to cool it passively.  
> This means I need a hardware encoder and decoder.

National Semiconductor has a highly integrated family of parts
(the "Geode" product line) which is includes parts intended for
set-top boxes.  The web pages on the Geode family includes
reference designs for set-top box applications. There are Geode
based SBCs available from various vendors.  Where I work we're
using a geode-based board from IPC in a thin client product.

Except for a flakey VGA console mode, they seem to work well.

Grant Edwards

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