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hardware recommendations for a linux-based PVR

I'm looking to build a near-silent, linux-based PVR. (TiVo-like device)

Because of my desire for silence, I'd like to use a low power CPU, such as a 
VIA C3 or even a Transmeta Crusoe that will allow me to cool it passively.  
This means I need a hardware encoder and decoder.

That's where things get fuzzy -- I've done research and discovered there are 
capture cards, such as a Pinnacle WinTV.  Then, there are DVB-cards, which 
appear to be for a specific standard predominantly used in Europe.  And 
finally, there are MPEG2 and MJPEG cards.

I'm very confused as to the difference between all these, and which one is 
appropriate for what I"m trying to do.  Not to mention what company might 
make a hardware-based encoding/decoding device that will work with linux. 
(and doesn't cost several thousand dollars)

Because the video input is going to come from a digital cable box, I don't 
need a tuner on the card --- just something that has S-Video in/out.  Also, 
(obviously) the card needs to support linux.

Can anyone provide some clarification here?  



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