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Re[2]: FQDN hostname

Thursday, April 04, 2002, 7:18:42 PM, Crispin Wellington wrote:

> You have a static IP with your ISP? And you want email delivered
> directly? Is that whats going on.

> Or is it dynamic IP, with sendmail as your MTA?

I have a Dynamic IP with my ISP.  The only messages I want Linux to deal
with are sending errors to Root - like if there's an invalid logon or
something.  These messages, I should have to log into the Linux box to
get them.  Local only, not ever retrieved from, or sent to, another

As for my personal email (ie.. apoulton@telus.net), I just use my email
program in Windows to get that from my ISP server.

  - Alan Poulton (apoulton@telus.net) -
Ever get the feeling your guardian angel is laughing?

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