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Re: xfree86 4.1.0-15 broke my display

"Craig Duncan" <duncan@nycap.rr.com> writes:
> Jeffrey W. Baker writes:
>  > Well, I use apt-get clean on occasion.  The -14 release of XFree86 was
>  > several months ago.  Would be nice if there was apt-get
>  > clean-except-last-version i supposed.
> apt-get autoclean

I don't think so, at least if I'm reading the manpage correctly. It
looks like autoclean simply checks to see if a package still exists on
the source machine, if not it trashes your local copy. On "testing"
and "unstable" once a new version comes out the old version is pretty
quickly removed from the Debian server. I don't think it's immediate,
but the previous version of the *.deb file does eventually disappear.

It'd be nice if apt-get had an option to keep the *.deb file you had
previously installed and the new one and only erased a file after a
third was installed. In effect, keeping the previous and current
versions of the file. I'm using "versions" in a loose sense, since
often a Debian version number, or a few version numbers, are skipped
if you don't upgrade often, or are using "testing".


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