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Re: new installation from /var/cache/apt/archives

I think the simplest solution would be disk imaging software or a backup 
program designed for bare-metal recovery. mondo was featured in LJ recently 
and there are .deb's available in sid.

It can be done using  package management. See the man page for dpkg. 
Specifically the --get-selections option.

Another alternative would be to use apt-move with the sync option to build a 
partial mirror  containing only packages you have installed on your "master" 
machine and then use that mirror as your only package source for your "clone" 

As always with linux, there is more than one way to do it.

Marcelo Leal wrote:

> hi,
> Do you know, how can i install ten machines with the same installed
> softwares? I have installed one, did run tasksel for install the
> software, and the machine is ready! then, i did use the same iso that i
> had created and did install i new one over the network. I wanna use the
> same config file that tasksel created in another machine. This for I
> don't have run tasksel in every machine. Do exist that config file?
> 1- i install one machine.
> 2- i install all softwares that i want.
> 3- i install another machine
> 4- i copy the config file with the informations about software that i
> want.
> 5- i run some command (apt-get, dpkg, or another) and the softwares are
> installed.
> 6- i have two machines with the same configuration.
> thanks.

Simon Hepburn.

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