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Re: Restore CD image equiv.

also sprach csj <csj@mindgate.net> [2002.04.03.1936 +0200]:
> > or you could tar up the root directory except for /dev and /proc and
> > provide a boot disk to untar it onto a disk on which you created
> > partitions all from a boot disk. after untaring you only need to
> > recreate /dev and install lilo. that's a 20 line script if you ask
> > me...
> I know the pointlessness of tarring /proc. But what's the danger of
> backing up /dev?

i actually don't know, and it's probably a question of switches passed
to tar, but i've had the tar process lock up while munging on my /dev.
i do think that tar's actually capable of packing /dev without
problems, i just haven't suceeded for it hasn't been much of a deal
for me. recreating /dev is easy...

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