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Re: debian installation problem: AT keyboard detection with ASUS-A7A266,

On Tue, 2002-04-02 at 03:12, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> FIRST: Please subscribe the linux-usb-user mailing list at linux-usb.org
> and help tracking this problem down. I have another keyboard USB
> keyboard that breaks when Linux is loaded.

I'm would gladly help in any way that I can... but I don't believe that
my problem is USB based at all.  When I did successfully compile a
kernel into the boot floppy with the correct USB options enabled, my
keyboard works fantastic.  I just need to have USB support compiled into
the kernel for the actual installation process.  The timeline goes
something like this:

1) Kernel without USB support (just like the installation kernel)
2) Kernel with USB support compiled as a module
3) Kernel with USB support compiled in (like I've tried to make)
4) RedHat's 2.4.7-10 kernel that came with 7.2

. = no keyboard
* = keyboard works

Power On ----- Lilo ----- Kernel Load ----- Module Load --- User Mode

When I try to install debian, things go like number 1.  Keyboard support
is great until the kernel loads (this is with just the USB plugged in,
just the ps2 port plugged in, or with both plugged in.  Doesn't matter,
the motherboard supports the USB keyboard and the ps2 controller fine,
of course).

I've also tried compiling 2.4.18 with RedHat 7.2.  I was able to
recreate the difficulty (when the linux kernel loads, the keyboard
support goes away... the numlock/capslock keys stop functioning... any
errors that require keyboard input are just tough luck).  However, just
about everything was compiled as a module, so even after the AT keyboard
not found error was repeated twice (with a two digit hex number
following the error in parentheses... like f4 then e7 or something like
that) the USB module then loaded and things were right as rain again. 
(This behavior is represented by line 2)

When I successfully compiled a kernel with all the USB options that I
need compiled in natively (input-core support, ohci controller, HID
support, RAW HID access development thingie), it worked great throughout
the entire boot process, no intermission.  Also, the 2.4.7-10 kernel
that RedHat 7.2 ships with works great as well.

> > If I should be installing woody, and the *installation* kernel for woody
> > has USB support, then I would consider that a very plausable solution.

I did some more reading, woody looks right for me.  I downloaded and
burnt the net-inst cd for woody (latest version: 3.0pre 2002-02-15 (b-f
3.0.19) just to try it out.  While I know that booting from this CD-ROM
will not fix my USB problems on this computer, I will use this
installation on another box of mine as a practice/trial run.

> There is limited space, so only the bf2.4 flavor brings the modules.
> Wait some days till the new release of boot-floppies is installed in the
> archive (version 3.0.22). With this release, you can specify: "linux
> keytimer" at the boot prompt, which will emulate the "Return" keypress
> (where needed) until the USB drivers are loaded (and you can use the
> keyboard as-usual).

I'll look for the bf2.4 flavor, I currently don't know anything about
it... but I will start researching more now.  I will also keep an eye
out for the 3.0.22 release of the boot-floppies.

Thanks a ton Eduard for your response, I found it very informative.

Travis Bradshaw

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