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OT: Opensource Helpdesk App?

Hey folks,

I know this a good group of sysadmins hence my reason for asking this OT
question in this forum.  I am currently researching helpdesk solutions
for my IT dept and we are trying to find a free app.  A very basic
helpdesk will do:

user authentication
enter tickets
assign tickets
ticket categories (i.e. user support, server admin, etc) priority levels
searchability reporting (optional) SQL backend

Now, before I get flamed and told to search freshmeat, I've already done
that and come up with quite a few free helpdesk applications.  The
problem is just that.  I'd rather not weed through them all myself if
someone else has already done this.  If anyone can recommend a package
that they have used or heard about being good, I would much appreciate

Thanks for any help!


Michael D. Marziani
Systems Administrator

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