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Re: Junkbusting flash ads?

dman <dman@dman.ddts.net> wrote on 30/03/2002 (18:38) :
> ESD supports ALSA (AFAIK the core of alsa goes in the kernel, thus no
> userland app needs to know about it).  You can use alsa and have esd
> be "just another" process that gives it data via /dev/dsp.  I also
> don't think that the userland app needs to be aware of alsa at all.

Esd seamingly supports yes, but it doesn't work. I have tried it.

> If sound becomes an issue for me, and if alsa becomes easier to set
> up, then I'll look into it more.  For the time being, simply checking

Alsa is very easy to setup actually. There was a world of difference
when I switched to ALSA for my fathers on his machine (he has an ESS
solo card).

> "SB16" in the kernel configuration and rebooting has worked
> beautifully.  (I love getting ahold of a real Sound Blaster made by
> Creative Labs.  They have some of the best support.  Who cares if it's
> only 16bit and uses an ISA slot?  It sounds good to me on my poor
> quality speakers :-))


Preben Randhol         «For me, Ada95 puts back the joy in programming.»

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