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Re: How much Linux on 1 GB hard drive?

On 30-Mar-2002 Davor Balder wrote:
> G'day to all, 
> I am planning to install Linux on my friends computer... I am thinking of
> Debian Potato just for start... I think he has 4 GB hard drive... His sister
> may be using Windoze, but he would like to start off with Linux. So, my
> question is, what can I fit onto 1 Gig. (I am running it all on comfy 20 Gig,
> but some people don't have such luxury...)...

you can fit most everything you want in that.  It will make data storage a
little cramped though (he won't be storing mp3's in his /home directory).

> Which window manager should be deployed? :-)

Try them all, let him decide (-:

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