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how to get Mesa/OpenGL to use direct rendering?


I may be so confused that maybe I'm not even asking the right
questions, but here goes.

I'd like to have X use the hardware acceleration of my video
card. Actually, it's not an extra card at all, but a Trident
CyberBlade/i1 built onto the mainboard. I do have the following
packages installed, but maybe I need others:


I also have these lines in my /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file:

    Load        "GLcore"  # OpenGL support


    Load       "glx"

With all of this, glxinfo still shows: 
  "OpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect"

and performance of OpenGL programs is _very_ slow.

Please, can someone tell me what I am neglecting? I have looked all
over for a FM to R, so if the answer is RTFM, please specify which
one. :-)

Many thanks in advance,


/\                              \
\_| Dan Griswold                |
  | dangriswold@earthlink.net   |
  |   __________________________|_

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