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Re: multimedia keyboard

<quote who="Mirek Dobsicek">
> Hi all,
>  I'd like to ask if is it good idea to buy a multimedia keyboard?
> Can the extra keys be used in X as they are in windoze? (eg. slide
> volume in xmms ... etc.)
	Sincerely Mirek

If it were me I would not, I found my favorite keyboard a few years
ago, its made by acer:

i have big hands and its excellent for that, its not good for
people with small hands(or maybe normal hands too)

anyways, as for the keys, yes you should be able to get them to
work in X, by re mapping them to do things, just like other keys.
as far as if they work with the applications I think your best
off testing the apps with keys like F8 and F9 for volume control,
if you can get an app to respond to it then you can probably re
program the keymaps to get the volume keys on the multimedia keyboard
to work.

but by default the keys will not be functional.  I've never looked
into re mapping keys ....so i don't know how to do it, but have
seen it discussed a lot


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