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Re: Exim - remove many messages

on Tue, Mar 26, 2002, Rory Campbell-Lange (rory@campbell-lange.net) wrote:
> This is really a two part message. The first part is about removing many
> messages from Exim. How does one do that easily, if one has to have
> the precise id for each?
> Secondly, I'd like to make something like the line below work in bash.
> Exim complains in this case of not finding a message with id "-".
> cat /tmp/e | exim -Mrm -
> I solved my problem cludgily by making an output file of exim -bp and
> then vimming it so that it contained a set of "exim -Mrf <id> lines. I
> then sourced the file.
> There must be a more elegant solution without using perl or python.

...or awk?

I run the following to reject my long-time frozen messages:

    $ exim -Mg $( mailq | grep 'frozen' | awk '{print $3}' )


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