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RE: promise 66 ide adapter cards

| Potato had a special version for ide adpater cards.
| It looks like woody does not yet.  I get about
| half way into the boot process and the woody
| kernel stops just about where it is recognizing
| the hard drives attached to the card.  Looks ominous.
| Is woody going to support these cards?

Isn't this merely a kernel issue not a release issue.  I use a Matrox 100
IDE/ATA PCI card, and have no problems with it in woody.  However, I am not
using the stock kernel, I roll my own.  Get a recent 2.4.x kernel source and
look into:

"ATA/IDE/MFM/RLL support"
then "IDE,ATA and ATAPI block devices"
then "Promise PDC20246...." or others
and "Special UDMA featurs"



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