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Re: mutt + smtp authentication

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 03:29:26PM -0800, Dave Scott wrote:
> I too would like to know how to get through this SMTP auth fieasco, I
> have spent much time and got no where.
> So basically, I am still going to try the article, but
> 1) is there a Debian package with the SASL support for Postfix out there
> that I can install?

Yes, in woody.
Check out sasl-bin, libsasl-modules-plain, libsasl-*, postfix-tls

Exim does that, too.

Both have it all described in the documentation, but I don't remember
exactly where...

> 2) is there an easier solution, other than telling the laptop clients to
> use the smtp server they are dialed into?

I don't know.

> 3) are the passwords with SASL support sent in clear text?

They may or may not be sent in cleartext. You may use tls (postfix-tls,
exim-tls), which is a very nice thing, IMHO.



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