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Weird keymap problem

Tired of stretching my fingers to reach for the control key I thought of
using my thumb instead, so I defined the right alt key to function as an
extra control key.

But this doesn't fully work!  And it doesn't matter whether I try this
in X with xkeycaps and copying the left Control key onto the right Alt
key, or in the console with the apropriate loadkeys command:

    $ loadkeys <<EOF
    include "/etc/console-tools/default.kmap.gz"
    keycode 100 = Control

To make it easier to discuss this problem I use the following conventions:

    Ctrl refers to one of the keys labeled Ctrl,
    Alt refers to one of the keys labeled Alt,
    CtrlL, CtrlR, AltL, AltR refer to the left/right key labeled Ctrl/Alt,
    Control, Meta refer to the resp modifier bit.

Setting things up so that Ctrl and AltR all set the Control bit and
AltL still sets the Meta bit, I get this weird behaviour.

   AltL-Ctrl-X  gives Meta-Control-X
   AltL-AltR-X  gives Meta-Control-X

So it seems to work, but...

   AltL-Ctrl-V  gives Meta-Control-V
   AltL-AltR-V  gives nothing, nada, nop!

I tried all I could think of and more, but can't make sense out of this.

groetjes, carel

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