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Re: Window Manager Probs *sigh*

Brett Parker wrote:
On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 06:46:58AM -0800, SJ wrote:

I'm really not sure what I did wrong, but...

After doing an apparently clean install of debian linux on a
new system, Gnome does not come up Window Maker does.  I
know we installed Gnome but it's not even in the list of
Window Managers to switch to (actually only Window Maker is
listed there).  Any idea what I may have done wrong, or not
done, in setting up the system?  I would really like to get
this monster working.  I have a db development project I
should be working on and I can't do that until I get the
system up.

Gnome isn't a window manager, its a "Desktop Environment", I'm not sure
what the current favourite window manager to use in the Gnome
environment is, I used to use icewm-gnome (currently I'm totally
degnomed as I can't see the need for the bloat, I use no gnome apps,
there's alternatives for nearly everything). So, if you really don't
want window maker, install one of the millions of other different window
manglers, I'd suggest trying sawfish.

GNOME's not so difficult to deal with.

if you want to use a nice graphical login, install the gdm package. This will give you a sessions menu that will enable you to select whatever environments are available - for example, I have my full-blown GNOME session, and then for maintenance and other stuff I have a simple twm session.

The preferred window manager for GNOME is sawfish. You probably want the sawfish and sawfish-themer packages.

Another GNOME-aware window manager is enlightenment. but that's
considerably less lightweight than sawfish.



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