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Re: Major confusion re: dosemu; please help


On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> First of all, let me clarify that I'm not running under X since I'm blind.
> I have made several attempts over the last few months to get dosemu up and
> running and, despite having read the accompanying docs ad infinitum ad nauseum I
> am still confused. If somebody could help me with this, even offlist if I'm
> sounding too beginnerish, I would really appreciate it.
> I don't want to use freedos; I want to use the dos-6.22 partition that i have on
> /dev/hda2.

> I've tried doing this several ways; my most recent, which I realize isn't
> totally accurate, was to put '/dev/hda2" under the hdimage entry in the
> dosemu.conf. This actually did get me some results as I was able to run wp5.1
> with this setup, but it had other problems. For one thing, this apparently
> bypassed the commands in /usr/lib/dosemu so I couldn't exit not having access to
> the exitemu command. Of course, once could copy those commands to /dev/hda1
> (/dos when mounted) but that made me wonder if I was also bypassing other
> important things by this setup. I'm also confused by the link to
Nah, there are just a few dosemu commands to interact between dos and
Linux. Just make a directory \EMU with all the commands and add C:\EMU to
the default search path in autoexec.bat. And if you add the following
lines to config.sys, you will be able to get access to your Linux
partitions under DOS:

C:\>type config.sys
rem this sets up the redirector to look at the Linux root directory.
rem this is probably not a good idea once you have dosemu installed
device=c:\emu\emufs.sys /
device=c:\emu\ems.sys ome/C:\>type config.sys

> /var/lib/dosemu whic contains freedos. Do I still want this stuff in
> /var/lib/dosemu to be there since i'm not using freedos. Also there's an
> autoexec.bat in the /var/lib/dosemu/freedos directory, but most of the commands
> there seem to relate to freedos. Are there any commands from that autoexec.bat
> that I need or extra ones that i need to put into my autoexec.bat in /dev/had2
> to have this run correctly?
well, nothing actually. I must say that I simply have created a 'new'
msdos6.22 image, just to execute simple dos commands (some companies are
still ignorant). I have mounted my old windoze partition once, but I
remember that I have never been able to configure it right to play games
(tomb raider 1, for instance) or to run win98. But you can leave the
freedos image mounted as the D: drive, until you are convinced that you do
not need it anymore.

> My second problem, which may or may not be caused simply by the fact that I
> don't have this set up correctly, is that I can't get my com ports to work. I do
> have the appropriate /dev indications in my /etc/dosemu.conf in the com lines,
> and if i try to copy something to a braille storage device I have on com2, I'm
> told the file was copied but com2, with my storage device, is never actually
> being accessed.
Do you have read/write access to the /dev/ttyS* ports under Linux?
# ls -l /dev/ttyS*
crw-rw----    1 root     dialout    4,  64 Feb 27  2001 /dev/ttyS0

Try to add yourself to the group dialout:
# adduser cheryl dialout

and relogin as cheryl after that. I remember I got my mouse working once,
but I did not need it under dos, so I did not pay more attention to it

> I really do usually try to figure out thing on my own with linux before running
> to a list, but this is getting me totally frustrated and obviously just reading
> the docs again isn't going to help me if I'm not understanding some key points.
> Help would be appreciated.


> TIA.
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