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Re: How to install a new kernel when your / partition is neary full?

Crispin Wellington wrote:
On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 15:15, LUK ShunTim wrote:


Thanks for the idea and also to all people who responded.

If that doesn't make absolute sense, then don't do it. Maybe du -sh to
find whats taking up all the space.

This is the result:

/bin 3.0 M /boot 1.3 M /dev 67 K /etc 6.7 M /lib 20 M
/lost+found 	12 K
/root 313 K /sbin 3.3 M / 66 K

The whole thing adds up to ~35 M. However, df -h gives 93 M for the / partition space and 83 M as used. Probably lots of small files each eating up 1K (the min. file size in ext2, IIRC)

A 100 M / partition is not large enough for present day kernels (if you'd like to keep the old one while installing a new one) may be the approriate conclusion?

Good day,

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