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Re: How to install a new kernel when your / partition is neary full?

On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 15:15, LUK ShunTim wrote:
> Hi,
> I am now on a 2.2.18 kernel (in sid already) and I'd like to upgrade to a 2.4.x 
> but unfortunately I have a small (~100 Mb) / partition when I started out and 
> it's already quite full. Upgrading via the usual manner with apt-get and friends 
> didn't do the job (and screwed things up quite a bit as a matter fact after 
> unpacking).
> I have /usr, /var, /home etc mounted on different partitions. One obvious way 
> would be to shrink other partitions and grow /, but I don't want to do that, at 
> least not yet before taking a look at other (better) options.
> Therefore, I am just wondering whether there is any suggestion as to doing it 
> *elegantly*.

I bet its your /root/dead.letters thats filling it up, eh? If not...

Elegantly, yes. Easily, no.

Get some more harddrive space (another drive?). make a partition on it
that will be your root. cfdisk, mke2fs. Mount it somewhere. Copy /
across to it (without recursing into tree's in other filesystems). So
your new partition is an exact duplicate. Adjust lilo so that
root=/dev/newpart whatever that is.

Reboot, make sure it works. Then take your old / and mount it somewhere
temporarily. erase the files. Copy whats in /boot into there. Edit
/etc/fstab so that its mounted as /boot. Erase the old boot. reboot.

So basically making a new root fs, and making your existing root /boot
(30 Megs or so should be enough to hold all the kernels you'll ever

If that doesn't make absolute sense, then don't do it. Maybe du -sh to
find whats taking up all the space.

Kind regards

Crispin Wellington

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